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Labrador CURA: LabradorLife

How to Join

In order to join our existing regions, you will first need to download a program in order to connect and see our virtual world.
While there are many options available, at this time we recommend the “Imprudence viewer”.
This download is completely free and can be found at this link:



Once you have downloaded and installed Imprudence, we will now be able to get you into LabradorLife. Just follow these steps and you should be able to begin interacting in this virtual environment.

  1. Until we get our own servers we will be hooked into the OSGrid system. We have setup two guest accounts that can be used to access the system and explore LabradorLife. If you wish to log into LabradorLife and see the virtual world first hand please contact us and we will send you a guest password.
    You can contact us at will@northernsilver.ca or plaice@unb.ca and we will provide you with a user name and password.
  2. Once you have a guest account password you can open Imprudence and log in to our virtual world. Please enter your user name and password:
    First name: either Mr (for the male avatar) or Ms (for the female avatar)
    Last name: Guest
    Password: (this was provided to you via email)
  3.  Once you have entered this information into the appropriate fields, please change the start location to “LabradorLife”. You will have to type “labradorLife” in manually.
    Below you will see a diagram that will help you with these steps.