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Labrador CURA: LabradorLife

Current Members of LabradorLife

The following is a list of all LabradorLife avatars. Most joined us as collaborators and observers when we travelled to Labrador this summer. The list will be updated regularly to reflect new members, and will be posted on the billboard in the Welcome Centre main building. We are hoping to establish a regular time for in-world informal meetings in LabradorLife, when Will and Evie will be available for virtual exchanges with anyone who joins us. Once a time has been decided upon for these gatherings, we will notify all avatars by email and also post the time on the LabLife Blog in the Welcome Centre. We also hope to convene focussed discussion groups and ‘BarCamps’ in LabradorLife, during which members can meet and workshop specific ideas and practices.

Will McGrath (Graduate Student, and LabradorLife designer)
Evie Plaice (Co-Investigator, and LabradorLife designer)
Marie Grist (Archaeologist, and Volunteer virtual world designer)
Tim Borlase (Educator, Board of Governors, CURA)
Cory Ivany (Program Specialist (7-12), Social Studies | Fine Arts | English Language Arts, Western School District)
Peter Ramsden (Archaeologist, and former coordinator, CURA)
Hans Rollman (Religious Historian, MUN and Co-Investigator, CURA)
Marlene Brooks (Distance Education Learning and Teaching Support (DELTS). MUN)
Vince Walsh      (Maritime History Museum, CURA webmaster)
Kathy Farrell (Teacher, St Mary’s All Grade, Mary’s Harbour)
Margaret Russell (Teacher, DC, Port Hope Simpson)
Roxanne Notley (Board of Governors, CURA)
Tom Flynn (Teacher, DC Young School, Port Hope Simpson)
Judy Chubbs (Teacher, St Lewis Academy)
Kim Morris (Principal, Henry Gordon Academy, Cartwright)
Ola Gatehouse (Teacher, Henry Gordon Academy, Cartwright)
Kirk Anderson (Incoming Dean of Education, MUN)