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Labrador CURA: LabradorLife


Below is a list of links you may find useful

  • http://www.mun.ca/labmetis/   This is the main website for the CURA. This site hosts most of the base information regartding to the CURA’s information.
  • http://arch.labradorcura.com/ Marianne Stopp’s Labrador Inuit archaeology in St. Michael’s Bay. Marianne is one of our very own CURA research team members
  • http://www.osgrid.org/ Until LabLife is able to get its own private server network we are connected to teh OSGrid of servers. OSGrid is a free to use and community built and driven network of micro-servers that has provided a great source for both instructional and graphical support to us.
  • http://opensimulator.org/wiki/Main_Page OpenSim is the software structure that is being used to build LabLife. OpenSim is an opensource software that is community built and driven. This site has provided us with countless areas of expertise and support for developing LabLife.