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Labrador CURA: LabradorLife

Hosting, Grids, Security, Islands and Regions

OpenSimulation allows us free access to all the ongoing development represented in the virtual world environment: that is everything that the sophisticated membership of OpenSim offers as well as a significant amount of SecondLife material as well. But all virtual worlds need to be hosted on dedicated servers run and managed by qualified personnel. A server will provide the grid upon which the virtual worlds are based. In SecondLife, buying land can become exorbitant. In OpenSim, we need only to rent space on a suitable server. This in itself can become costly. We are currently renting space on OSGrid, which also hosts a number of other experimental virtual worlds. Although we are placed in a relatively empty part of the grid, it is still possible for enterprising students to find other virtual world environments on OSGrid. That is why we are in touch with colleagues at MUN DELTS who are working towards investing in a dedicated server for educational purposes. Another option lies with the Western School District, where another colleague and collaborator is in the process of acquiring a dedicated server for the use of the schools within the district. In both cases, LabradorLife would be one of the first projects to become part of the new dedicated educational grid.