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Labrador CURA: LabradorLife

Artifacts, Artwork and Construction of the Environment: Why doesn’t LabradorLife look like Labrador?

Successful design and development of all features in any virtual world include the geographical environments, housing and other built structures, clothing and apparel, avatar appearance, artifacts and other objects. All these items need to be constructed. Working with computer graphic design takes a great deal of time and a growing array of specific skills involving the efficient use of specialized programs. Our team consists of two people who, although combined have extensive backgrounds and experience in an array of fields – Labrador history, Metis identity, ethnopolitics, gaming, web development, archaeology, archival work, ethnographic research, and Aboriginal education to name but a few of these – do not have sophisticated 3D graphic design experience. We have applied for and been granted a two-term Work-Study placement for an undergraduate student who has computer graphic design experience to help us with this part of the project, and we are in the process of finding a suitable candidate. This help should speed up the process of recreating a Labrador-like environment.